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Donated by: C. Curtis/G. Downs estate.

Country of Origin - Design: Australia

Country of Origin - Manufacture: Australia

Designer: Tom Proctor

Constructor: Tom Proctor

Year of Manufacture: 1940-41

The Coogee is essentially a scaled up Hutter 17.

Tom Proctor made about 200 short flights in it from 1942 to 1945 and it was then sold to the Victorian Motorless Flight Group.

In 1956 ownership changed to the Geelong Gliding Club and subsequently in 1963 it was acquired by E.J. Williams and F.G. Wyer who undertook a thorough overhaul and a complete re fabric of it. It was then sold to G.C. Curtis, F.O. Connell and R.T. Harris in 1966 who retired it from service 1967 after a total of 3,851 flights and 415 Hours.

The Coogee is restored to display condition.