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The Australian Gliding Museum first met as a committee on February 26th 1999. This brought together a number of kindred spirits interested in preserving older and historic gliders. These gliders are scattered all over Australia and the aim is to collect them in a safe place before they become destroyed or deteriorated beyond refurbishment to display condition let alone flying condition. Other interesting gliding paraphernalia also is becoming available. A strong catalyst for formation of a glider museum was the discovery that an important ES Schneider glider left Australia bound for a foreign collection.


Incorporation confers all the normal benefits an Incorporated Association brings for the members and the committee in particular. The museum group was incorporated on 21st of December 1999 under the Associations Incorporation Act of Victoria.

Following Incorporation, the Museum received endorsement from the Australian Tax Office as a Deductible gift recipient. Accordingly donations can be claimed as a tax deduction by the donor. See the Contacts page.


The response to the formation of the museum has been astounding. We have a robust membership and many members have bequeathed their gliders to us. A restoration program is giving the members plenty to do with their time. The museum members are predominately made up of GFA members. The museum is a sub-committee of the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA).

Many of these are glider pilots who for various reasons have had to stop active flying. The museum keeps them in touch with gliding and it could be said it is becoming the ”GFA Seniors Club”!


The Museum now has one restoration workshop and storage site: